Beat Balls
  • Get inside of an inflatable bumpers and take football to another level

    With your ESNcard you have 10% discount over the table values

Have you thought of playing a footbal game with no faults nor worries? Then Bubble Football is the answer!

Forget about and red cards. Inside the bumpers, your only concern should be to run fast, (try) to kick the ball and bump into your friends!

Beat Balls offers you a diverse variety of fields, so you can choose the one that is closer to you. With indoor and indoor fields, there is no excuse to spend your birthday party, stag party or football match without Beat Balls!
We let you think outside the box. Would you like to play Bubble Footbll on your own house or on that special location only you know? Are you organizing an event or a birthday party and want it to become memorable? Beat Balls goes wherever you are!

Check the prices: 
Time/People <11 11-14 15-19 20-30
1H 150€ 185 200 225
1H30 190 235 250 270
2H 220 265 265 300

* The values ​​presented include: the rental of the field, all the necessary material and the presence of a Beat Balls collaborator (that will arrange everything)


Gather you crew, make your registration by sending them an email to and get ready for a Bubble Day