Avenidas Novas (Saldanha - Campo Pequeno - Entrecampos - Campo Grande)

Avenidas Novas is the name given to the modern avenues northeast of Parque Eduardo VII and the Marquês do Pombal roundabout. This area is new, filled with shops, boutiques and many services. There’s also a lot of business people working here and a lot of students as well, because a lot of universities are in this area.

Transport : Metro (red, yellow and blue metro lines), buses and trains (Entrecampos).

Nearby universities : Nova de Lisboa (FCSH, SBE), ISCAL, IST, ISCTE.



Marquês & Avenida da Liberdade (Marquês - Pena)

Marquês and the Avenida da Liberdade are very central, even though it may be harder to spot some shops and other services. However, you will be in a good location, transport wise, if you need to go to uni in the north of the city but you don’t want to be too far away from the nightlife and the touristic attractions.

Transport: buses, metro.

Nearby universities: Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, Nva SBE, IST.



Bairro Alto & Santa Catarina (Bairro - Bica - Santa Catarina)

Bairro Alto is a lot of students’ first choice because of the nightlife. However, take into account that it can get a bit noisy and that there are less services around you. If you choose to live here though, you will for sure have an easy way for going to get a beer on a regular night. Apartments in this area are a bit smaller.

Transport: bus, metro (only in Rato or in Baixa Chiado).

Nearby universities: IADE, Superior Dance School, ISEG, ISCEM.



Arroios (Areeiro - Arroios - Anjos - Intendente - Martim Moniz)

Some Lisbonites may still tell you to stay away from this area, as it used to be a bit turbulent some years ago. However, in the last 10 years the neighbourhood has undergone a lot of changes and it is very popular among students. The whole Avenida Almirante Reis has a very multicultural vibe and you can find plenty of cafés and Asian restaurants.

Transport: green metro line, tram and bus.

Nearby universities: IST (U.Lisboa), Autónoma.



Rato (Rato - Campo de Ourique)

The Rato area is in between Marquês and Bairro Alto. There are plenty of bars, galleries and good restaurants here, although for nightlife you will most likely have to move down to Bairro or Cais. Campo do Ourique is more calm. Both of them are close to Parque da Estrela.

Transport: buses, metro (yellow line), tram.

Nearby universities: Universidade Aberta, ISCEM, Superior Dance School, ISEG.



Baixa Chiado (Rossio - Baixa Chiado - Mouraria)

Baixa Chiado is an overall touristic area, so student housing (with some exceptions) tends to be more expensive in this area. The advantages of living around here are the proximity to the river and the Cais Sodré train station and the constant activity in the streets and shops.

Transport: Green and blue metro lines, buses, trams.

Nearby universities: Belas Artes (U.Lisboa), Superior Dance School.



Santos (Cais - Santos - Lapa - Ajuda)

The Cais area is also popular because of the nightlife in Pink Street. Besides bars and pubs, you will also find tascas, plenty of souvenir shops, and, of course, the river. Going west from Cais Sodré, past the Time Out Market, you will get into the Santos area, that hosts also some large discos but is overall calm during the day. In Santos you are also closer to Belêm, Carcavelos Beach, and a lot of museums.

Transport: green and blue metro lines (from Cais Sodré), buses, trams.

Nearby universities: IADE, ISEG, Belas Artes, ISA, FA, FMV, ISCSP, (ULisboa), IHMT (Nova), Lusíada.



Alfama (Castelo - Graça - Sao Vicente de Fora)

Alfama is the most traditional, postal-like ‘bairro’ of the city center. While its hilly streets and limited transportation can be a drawback for some, you may enjoying living next to some of the best views of the city. Just make sure you check beforehand how long it will take you to get to class!

Transport: tram.

Nearby universities: ISPA.


Other areas:

Students going to campus or working off the city limits, in areas like Benfica or Almada, may think about finding accommodation next to their faculties. Benfica is well connected because of the metro line, while Almada is a bit more tricky to get to because of the more limited ship & train schedules. We recommend you take into account how many classes / free time you will have before making a decision.