How to Order an ESNcard Online?

1. On the right corner of this page (end of the page for mobile versions) choose the product you want to get, fill with your name and click on 'buy now';
2. Once you are through the Paypal payment method, you'll be greeted with the "Payment Successful" page;
3. VERY IMPORTANT -- **Once in the 'Payment Successful' page DO NOT CLOSE IT, as you need to fill the form with necessary information**; For outgoing students, ESN Lisboa recommends that you do your ESNcard with the ESN section of the University in which you will do Erasmus;**
4. Wait for an email from ESN Lisboa with your ESNcard Number;
5. Come to our Office and pick up your online card, and make your SIM card/Gym registration/Get your T-shirt if it is the case;
6. Enjoy your Erasmus :)!

 After that, you need to register you ESNcard at

New in Lisbon?

Don’t miss the chance to get the Erasmus Welcome Pack, just for 12€, you’ll get:

  •  Your ESNcard, with THOUSANDS of discounts all around Europe (in over 40 countries and in 527 sections), including  hundreds of discounts in Lisbon with our partners, free access to our nights and discounts on our trips and activities;

  • Vodafone Yorn SIM card for your phone with the highest mobile plan (normally worth 3.99€ per week), with unlimited internet usage on communication apps like Facebook, Skype, Instagram or Messenger, unlimited texts and 5000 minutes to Portuguese numbers 5GB for additional apps and 5GB extra just for Youtube. All for the price of 2.25€ per week during the first 3 months, saving more than 20€!

Want a cheap way to travel?

Ryanair is offering a special deal with ESNCard:

  • 15% discount on 8 single flights

  • Free check-in luggage of 15 kg for this 8 flights


If you want to know more about this partnership check:  
For any questions check: or send us a message over our facebook page.


Once you are in Lisbon, you just have to come to our office and pick up your ESNcard and your SIM card!

Any doubt? Just text us at our Facebook page

**Only the ones who fill the form after payment, in the "Payment Successful" page will have the ESNcard number sent via email! Without the form filled we don't have enough data to create your card! For those who did not fill the Form, please reach us via  (only for ESNcard Related issues) or you can show us the Paypal payment proof in the office and we'll make you the card at the moment.