That’s it! With our Erasmus Welcome Pack, for just 15€, you get*:

•  your ESNcard, with THOUSANDS of discounts all around Europe, including hundreds of discounts in Lisbon with our partners, free access to our nights and discounts on our trips and activities;

• a WTF SIM card for your phone with the first month for FREE, with 1GB Internet, unlimited internet usage on communication apps like Facebook, Skype, Instagram or Messenger, unlimited texts and 1000 minutes to portuguese numbers, 5GB extra just for Spotify and Youtube, and even 2 cinema tickets for the price of one;


For 6€ free in Cabify use the code esnl1  before your first ride 


Feeling like doing some sport while in Lisbon?

This semester we have a brand new pack that we planned just for you! With Erasmus Sport Pack, for just 20€, besides all the offers of the Erasmus Welcome Pack, we also offer you the gym subscription and a gym bag or a shaker! ESNcard, SIM Card, Airport Pickup and gym subscription for just 20€*!


Fitness Hut is the biggest gym network in Lisbon, with over 20 clubs just in Lisbon! With this subscription you can attend any of those 20+ gyms and also take part in over than 80 group classes per week!The subscription will be activated whenever you decide to start! **Also the plus 5€ will be take when you start the gym by direct debit.


*Once you buy your pack, we will send you an email with the number of your ESNcard. After that, you need to register you ESNcard at Any doubt? Just text us at our Facebook page!


In additional you will get 20€ discount on flights booked on StudentUniverse.


Once you are in Lisbon, you just have to come to our office and pick up your ESNcard and your SIM card!