Telecommunications in Portugal

While roaming limitations have been lifted in the European Union, if you are staying in Lisbon for more than a few weeks, it can be convenient to get a Portuguese phone card and make sure you avoid unneeded overcharges while you talk to your friends or family, because 'fair use' conditions mean that your home operator may start to charge you if you exceed a certain amount of data use while abroad.
At ESN Lisboa we offer you a solid mobile phone offer: the WTF NOS Card. It is provided by NOS, one of the major telecommunications companies in Portugal. The WTF card has been designed for young people and includes many advantages regarding data and app use.

What's the WTF?

The WTF card is a prepaid card valid in Portugal and abroad. You can get it for free at our office. The card comes with no permanence requirements, and you can choose between three different data plans, at different prices: the W plan, the T plan, and the F plan. 

It works like this: every month you top up your card, and then you run on the money that you topped up. From our experience, given that messaging apps are for free (more info below) it is a very good deal.

Benefits in all WTF plans

All the WTF cards, no matter what plan you choose, come with the following:

  • Free use of messaging apps (yes, you don't pay data on those!): Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, Facetime, Viper...
  • Free, unlimited texts to any Portuguese network
  • Extra 2,50€ every time you top up
  • 2 movie tickets for the price of one at NOS cinemas (up to 8 per month)
  • Free roaming in the European Union

Different plan options

Depending on the plan you choose, you can get different prices and extras:

  • The 'W' plan (9,80€/month): comes with 500 MB of data, 500 voice minutes for free to any Portuguese network
  • The 'T' plan (11,80€/month): comes with 1GB of data, 1000 voice minutes, 5GB extra for Spotify and Youtube
  • The 'F' plan (16,80€/month): comes with 5GB of data, 5000 voice minutes, 5GB extra for Spotify and Youtube

How to get it

  • You can get a WTF NOS Card for free at our office
  • You can get our 'Erasmus Welcome Pack' combo, including your ESNcard and a WTF NOS card charged for one month (with the 'W' or 'T' plans) for only 15€

Useful info

How to activate your card

1. Once you get your WTF card, remove the SIM card and put it in your phone (if you have a dual SIM phone, you can choose one of the slots). 

2. Turn the phone on and wait a few minutes. You should get an SMS from NOS (may be in Portuguese). It is asking you to click the link to choose the plan you prefer (W, T or F).

*If you don't get it, you can call 12060 for a manual activation. The steps are very simple, but the pre-recorded message is in Portuguese, so we recommend you activate it in our Office or ask somebody that speaks Portuguese to do it for you.

3. After doing that, you will get a second message asking you to give your student ID number or passport, you just have to answer giving the number to complete the activation. 

4. If you got the NOS WTF card with our Erasmus Welcome Pack, you are all set, because your phone is charged for the first month! Go ahead and start talking. Otherwise, you need to top up. You can do that at our Office (check our schedules), at any NOS Store (there are many across the city) or at the cash machine, if you have a Portuguese bank account.


Useful links & numbers

  • #111* - to check your balance and data at any time. 
  • 12060 for card activation (Portuguese message)
  • - for all the information, fare prices, and conditions of the card (English)
  • - for all the information, fare prices, and conditions of the card (Portuguese)