Eating out

  • Portuguese people normally have lunch between 12.30-02.30PM
  • Dinner is normally served between 08.00-09.30PM

If you are planning to get food outside, here are some basic types of establishments:

  • Restaurants: prices normally start at 8-10€ (lunch menu).
  • Tascas: normally smaller, they serve traditional Portuguese food and are normally filled with locals. Prices range normally between 10-15€.
  • Pastelerias / padarias / cafeterias : Pastelarias and Padarias serve different snacks, pies and hot drinks. In the padaria you can also buy bread to take away. You will find them all around the city.


It is typical in most Portuguese restaurants to place a bread basket, butter and olives, or some similar snacks, before the food arrives. Keep in mind that they are paid for!