Join the ESN Lisboa Family!

Who are we?

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international organization made up by students. Our mission is representing the international students, provide opportunities for intercultural exchange and personal development.

Our motto is ‘Students Helping Students’.

At ESN Lisboa we operate as the local branch for the Great Lisbon Area. We have members spread out in all the faculties and universities of the city.


Why join?

Did you come back from Erasmus and you already have ‘saudades’? Are international environments a motivation for you? Are you a proactive person, with an interest in volunteering?

If you meet the above requirements, you are a student, have free time and want to volunteer, this is your chance. You will join the largest student association in Europe, and will make the difference in the life of hundreds of students that arrive to Lisbon expecting to have the best exchange experience of their life.

Join our family, with more than 15.000 volunteers spread around 500 sections in all the European countries!


Member requirements

We follow some criteria to select new members. We are volunteers, so no particular expertise in an area is demanded. The Human Resources team makes an analysis every semester to see what needs does the team have in terms of members. These are the most relevant criteria we follow to accept members:

  • Be a student by the time you apply
  • Have experience abroad (not mandatory) or interest in being part of an international environment
  • Speak English


What is the difference between being a buddy and an ESNer?

Buddies have access to some of our events. ESNers have full access, can organize activities, and can make use of an ESNcard.


How do we work?

Our team members are divided in different departments. Each department takes care of a specific area, from organizing trips to managing our social networks. You can join different departments according to your skills and interests.


  • Integration and Cultural Events
  • Sports and trips
  • Network, Education, Strategy and Institutional Relationships
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Partnerships and fundraising
  • Human Resources
  • Parties
  • Social Erasmus

How can I join?

Our recruitment period takes place usually in the months of September and January, with the exception of the Communication and Marketing Department (Commkt), that accepts new members all year long.

To apply to join, you just have to fill in the form at the bottom of the page. You will be contacted by our Human Resources department for a small interview shortly after. Good luck!


International students


Are you an Erasmus in Lisbon, and want to be part of the team? Are you an ESNer back home and want to be part of the team spirit?

  • Join our Ambassators group! The ambassators are international students that join with the team and make a bit of a 'bridge' between us and the international students


Do you want some extra credits, a professional experience in a multicultural environment, or an Erasmus+ internship after your exchange in Lisbon?

  • Do an internship with us!  We offer internships in the areas of Communication, Marketing, IT, Administrative, and much more!


As an international student, you can qualify for regular recruitment if:

  • You are staying in Lisbon for an indefinite period of time (more than a year)
  • You are proficient, or at least fluent, in Portuguese
  • You have some familiarity with the city and Portuguese culture 

Get in touch with our Human Resources Department beforehand to clear any doubts!


Recruitment form