• Banks opening hours: 08.00AM-03PM on weekdays.
  • Some may have extended schedules on Friday or open on Saturdays.


The Multibanco (MB) are the automatic cash machines of Portugal. You can find them outside or inside of any bank office and in the streets.

Namely, you can withdraw money from them. If you are using a foreign card, be aware that the Multibanco system will probably not inform you if you are subject to pay fees. Similarly, you may not be able to see your balance.

If you create a bank account in Portugal, there are a few more things that you can get done at the Multibanco:

  • Top up your phone
  • Make a transference


Opening a bank account in Portugal

You may consider opening a bank account in the country. With a Portuguese bank account, you will be able to access some more online banking services. It is also relatively common in some smaller business or restaurants not to accept foreign cards, so keep this in mind if you are going to have dinner at the nearby tasca.


Online banking - Verse

As a complement to your bank account, we reccomend that you get a Verse account!

With Verse, you can pay and request money from your friends in the time it takes you to send a text message, and transfer money to your bank account in just two business days. You can also manage shared expenses much more easily with their Groups feature! It’s fast, safe, easy, and free - no hidden fees!

See all the details here!